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Welcome to freecasey.com. To the members of the media and the casual web surfer we extend our warmest welcome. And to our regular viewers and supporters, welcome back! If you have any questions or are otherwise just curious about what we are trying to do here, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated; this is the only way we will be able to improve this website.

Timothy RichardsThis site is dedicated to supporting Timothy Ryan Richards - otherwise know as Casey - in his efforts to tell his side of the story of his arrest and conviction and to enlist your support in his efforts to fight back. His story is one about big government and big media and how the two can roll over your rights as an American citizen. This is a story about how the love between two young people can go wrong, ultimately resulting in one being convicted and sentenced to 15+ years in federal court.

Casey's supporters will find that this site will serve as a meeting place for all of us to keep in contact. While discussing the heavy subjects surrounding Casey's situation, let's have some fun. Following in the tradition of CaseyAndDew.tv, Casey will provide us with some entertainment. The Casey Radio podcasts and many of Casey's blogs have been written and provided expressly for our entertainment. The forums are provided for a free and open discussion on any subject. So let's discuss the subjects that interest us most while also using them to discuss the facts and issues surrounding Casey's case. Use this site and especially the forums as a way to stay in touch and have some fun.

The story being told here is an involved and complicated story that Casey hopes to fully tell through the pages of this web site. While some of the dialog on this site is openly gay, most of the subject matter discussed here affects us all; both straight and gay. So read on and enjoy. If, through these pages, we've reached out to you and you are interested in knowing more, then subscribe to the forums and participate in the dialogs you'll find there. Casey's family is always interested in hearing from you. They can be reached through email; and as always if you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Thanks,
Casey's Family, Friends, and Supporters